It's getting light outside
She is still there
But no one cares

They said no happy birthday yesterday
Without her
Do you want to see if
You're flying through
The night

This gift is what you'll need
You're gonna be alright
Eyes closed and fall

The first time on the edge
The scars will stay forever
Side to side with death
The moment that feels better
Darkness and light
Are blinding her sight
She's not coming back

It's getting light outside
She cannot sleep
'Cause time stood still
Someone's hand is touching her
She has no will

Each time when it hurts
She just feels so alone
She doesn't care at all
Her memories have
Long gone
Eyes closed and fall

The sky is casting over
Her last wish
Stays unsaid

Alter: 29

Ich mag diese...
Lieder: On the Edge - Tokio Hotel
Love is dead - Tokio Hotel
Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Filme: Filme mit Mary-Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen
Filme mit Hilary Duff

Anna und der König
Girls United
Tatsächlich Liebe
About a boy
Stadt der Engel
Eiskalte Engel

Schauspieler: Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley Olsen
Hilary Duff
Hugh Grant
Jessica Alba
Emma Watson
Tom Felton
Jodie Foster
Keira Knightley
Johnny Depp

Bücher: Forever - Judy Blume
Dann bin ich eben weg - Christine Fehér
Insel der blauen Delfine - Scott O´Dell
Für immer vielleicht - Cecelia Ahern
P.S. Ich liebe Dich - Cecelia Ahern
Essen? Nein, danke! - Maureen Stewart
Lilien im Sommerwind - Nora Roberts

Autoren: Cecelia Ahern
Nora Roberts

Sportarten: Volleyball
Orte: Neuseeland


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